fhash_data_container Module

Implements simple container type for polymorphic scalars and 1D arrays



public interface fhash_container

Create a fhash_container object from a polymorphic value

  • private function fhash_container_scalar(value, pointer) result(container)

    Helper to initialise a polymorphic data container with scalar


    Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
    class(*), intent(in), target :: value

    Value to store

    logical, intent(in), optional :: pointer

    If .true., store pointer to value instead of copying

    Return Value type(fhash_container_t)

Derived Types

type, public ::  fhash_container_t

Generic container for scalar and 1D data


Type Visibility Attributes Name Initial
class(*), public, allocatable :: scalar_data
class(*), public, pointer :: scalar_ptr => NULL()

Type-Bound Procedures

procedure , public , :: allocated => fhash_container_allocated Function
procedure , public , :: get => fhash_container_get_scalar Subroutine
procedure , public , :: get_ptr => fhash_container_get_scalar_ptr Subroutine