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Source Code

!> Implements a concrete type for scalar int32 hash keys
module fhash_key_int32
  use iso_fortran_env, only: int32, int64
  use fhash_key_base, only:fhash_key_t
  use fhash_fnv, only: fnv_1a
  implicit none

  public fhash_key_int32_t
  public fhash_key

  !> Hash table key container
  type, extends(fhash_key_t) :: fhash_key_int32_t
    integer(int32) :: value
    procedure, pass :: hash => key_hash_int32  
    procedure, pass :: equals => key_equal_int32
    procedure, pass :: to_string => key_int32_to_string
    end type fhash_key_int32_t

  interface fhash_key
    module procedure :: key_from_int32
  end interface fhash_key


  !> Check if two keys are equal
  pure function key_equal_int32(key1,key2) result(keys_equal)
    class(fhash_key_int32_t), intent(in) :: key1
    class(fhash_key_t), intent(in) :: key2
    logical :: keys_equal

    keys_equal = .false.

    select type(k2=>key2)
    type is (fhash_key_int32_t)
      if (key1%value == k2%value) then
        keys_equal = .true.
      end if
    end select
  end function key_equal_int32

  !> Generate hash of key
  pure function key_hash_int32(key) result(hash)
      class(fhash_key_int32_t), intent(in) :: key
      integer(int64) :: hash

      hash = fnv_1a(key%value)

  end function key_hash_int32

  !> Generate string representation of hash
  pure function key_int32_to_string(key) result(str)
    class(fhash_key_int32_t), intent(in) :: key
    character(:), allocatable :: str

    allocate(character(1024) :: str)
    write(str,*) key%value
    str = trim(str)

  end function key_int32_to_string

  !> Create new key container from a scalar int32
  function key_from_int32(source) result(key)
    integer(int32), intent(in) :: source
    type(fhash_key_int32_t) :: key

    key%value = source

  end function key_from_int32

end module fhash_key_int32