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Building the Focal Library



Navigate to the repository root and run make:

$> make -j

Parallel build is fully supported by the makefile, so use of the -j flag is recommended.

To build the example programs:

$> make examples

which will place example binaries in path/to/focal/bin/.

To build and run the tests:

$> make -j test

Build within your own project

A non-recursive sub-makefile is included in the Focal repository root directory for inclusion within project makefiles. To use in your own makefile:

  1. Define the make variable FOCAL_DIR as the path to the Focal root directory
  2. Include the sub-makefile into your project makefile (after the all recipe)
  3. Create a dependency of your objects on $(FOCAL_LIB_OBJS)
  4. Add -I$(FOCAL_DIR)/mod/ to your Fortran compile flags
  5. Add -L$(FOCAL_DIR)/lib/ -lFocal -lOpenCL to your linker flags

See linking for how to link against the Focal library. See this lattice Boltzmann code as an example.


FC ?= gfortran
PROGS= myProgram
OBJS= $(addsuffix .o, $(PROGS))

LFLAGS+= -L$(FOCAL_DIR)/lib/ -lFocal -lOpenCL

all: $(PROGS)

include $(FOCAL_DIR)/make.include

# Objects depend on focal library

# Recipe to link executable(s)
    $(FC) $^ $(LFLAGS) -o $@

# Recipe to compile objects
%.o: %.f90
    $(FC) $(FFLAGS) -c $< -o $@